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09 August 2009 @ 10:16 am
Okay, bite me.  
((OOC: Victor doesn't tend to do memes and things due to not using computers much - seriously, have you tried typing with claws? - but mun had some free time, and some of his answers may give away more than he realises.))

I must really be bored right now.

• Are you available?: If Emma's reading this, then no.
• What is your age?: Around 170. I think. Stopped counting after 137.
• What annoys you?: People asking too many dumb questions.

• Do you know anyone named Billy?: The Kid? Goats' Gruff? Whatever.
• When is your birthday?: October. I think.
• Who is your best friend?: What the hell do you think I am, a high school girl? BFF Forever and all that crap? Bullshit.

• What's your favorite candy?: Anything in a short skirt below the age of twenty.
• Crush?: Crush them? I'd break them like a fucking twig.
• When was the last time you cried?: I don't cry.

• Do you daydream?: All the damn time. Mostly about a certain someone with blonde hair and an ass like two eggs in a handkerchief.
• What's your favorite kind of dog?: I am. Heh. Never mind, private joke.
• What day of the week is it?: Saturday

• How do you like your eggs?: Cooked and in my mouth.
• Have you ever been in the emergency room?: Yeah, right. Like I need to.
• Ever pet an elephant? Yep. His name's Fred Dukes.

• Do you use fly swatters?: I'm not gay.
• Have you ever used a foghorn?: Does smacking Dukes on the ass count?
• Is there a fan in your room?: I don't have a room, I have a tent. And no.

• Do you chew gum?: No.
• Do you like gummy candies?: Never really eaten them.
• Do you like gory movies?: They're okay, I guess. But they don't match up to the real thing.

• How are you?: Bored. I'd have to be to be doing this. Not even anything interesting to hunt near the camp, Nicky keeps catching it all first.
• What's your height?: 6'6
• What color is your hair?: On my head or below the waistline?

• What's your favorite ice cream?: Phish Food. I fucking love the way those little fudgey fish all got caught in my teeth.
• Have you ever ice skated?: Yeah, when we were younger. Small lake on the Howlett Estate. Jimmy fell in.
• Ever been in an igloo?: No.

• What's your favorite Jelly Bean? Not really eaten them much.
• Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?: Heard one? I'm working with about twenty of them.
• Do you wear jewelry?: Dog tags. Probably been wearing 'em since before most of you other little shits were even born.

• Who do you want to kill? Who don't I want to kill at some point or other?
• Have you ever flown a kite?: Yeah. Jimmy had one when he was a kid.
• Do you think kangaroos are cute?: I think they're tasty.

• Are you laidback?: Only if there's a good woman sitting on me to keep me down.
• Lions or Tigers?: Or Bears, oh my! Well, alright. Tigers. There's just something about the way they hunt.
• Do you like black licorice?: Yeah, it's pretty good.

• Favorite movie as a kid?: Didn't have them when I was a kid. We liked making shadow puppets, though.
• Ever shopped at Moosejaw?: What the hell is a Moosejaw?
• Favorite store at the mall?: I don't tend to hang around shopping malls very much. Maybe something about the way I hang around the lingerie section in the clothing stores.

• Do you have a nickname?: Bastard. Motherfucker. Son-of-a-bitch. Take your pick.
• Whats your favorite number? I'd only be letting myself down if I didn't say 69 here.
• Do you prefer night or day?: All the best things happen at night.

• What's your one wish?: To heal as fast as Jimmy can. Nobody saw that, right? Good.
• Are you an only child?: No. But when I was a kid, it felt like it.
• Do you like the color orange?: You wouldn't catch me dead wearing orange.

• What are you most paranoid about?: I don't get paranoid. Only weak people get scared.
• Piercings?: Not unless you count being skewered with bayonets a few times.
• Do you know anyone named Penelope?: Isn't she that chick from the cartoon with all the cars?

• Are you quick to judge people?: Yeah, because people are assholes.
• Do you like Quaker Oats?: Do I look like a goddamn horse to you?
• Know anyone that makes quilts?: Oh yeah, sure, I just love sitting down with my sewing circle once a week.

• Do you think you're always right?: I don't think, I know.
• Do you watch reality TV?: I'd rather tear my eyes out and sit on a porcupine.
• Reason to cry?: I already told you, I don't cry.

• Do you prefer sun or rain?: Rain. Better for hunting, hides your scent well.
• Do you like snow?: Yeah. Reminds me of snowball fights and snow forts.
• Whats your favorite season? Autumn. Something about the way you get to watch everything slowly die.

• Time is it?: About 11am.
• What time did you wake up?: 7am. Little Victor needed his exercise.
(Third question?) What?

• Can you ride a unicycle?: Sure I can! I'll show you now, right after I finish doing the routine with the six white horses and the pink ostrich feathers.
• Do you know anyone with a unibrow?: I think Jimmy may need a pluck.
• Uncles do you have?: ...I don't know.

• What’s the worst vegetable?: Atticus. Or is he a fruit?
• Did you ever watch Veggie Tales?: I really hope this is an interesting porno.
• Ever considered being vegan?: When was the last time you saw a vegetarian Rottweiler?

• What's your worst habit?: Apparently, it's "being a mean and sarcastic cum-stain on the bedsheet of humanity." Is that a habit or does it count as a vocation?
• Do you like water rides?: I just love to get my Speedos on and go to water parks, sure.
• Ever been inside a windmill?: Yeah. Exciting, huh.

• Have you ever had an x-ray?: Yeah. Something Stryker made us do when we joined up. Apparently my bone structure is 'near perfect'.
• Ever used a Xerox machine?: If I had there would've been copies of my ass over every office cubicle.
(Third question?) Third what?

• Do you like the color yellow?: Hell no. Far too bright. And if anyone ever catches me wearing yellow and orange together, do me a favour and call the fashion police.
• What year were you born in?: 1835, I think. Not really sure, Father didn't keep a note of those things much.
• Do you yell when you're angry?: Does the Pope crap in the woods?

• Do you believe in the zodiac?: I don't know. Maybe.
• What's your zodiac sign?: Scorpio, of course. Can't you tell?
• When was the last time you went to the zoo?: Are you kidding me? I'm fucking living in one right now. And the caged predators are getting restless.
Current Mood: boredbored
Fred J. Dukes: smileun_move_able on August 9th, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
((OOC: Giggling a lot at this. Vic is into petting, huh? ))
Victor Creed: Unhappy Dogwatch_the_nails on August 9th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
((OOC: .....I KILL YOU. With sticks. Elephant sticks. XD ))
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Groinwatch_the_nails on February 6th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
...will this do?
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Groinwatch_the_nails on February 8th, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC)
((OOC: Just so you know this is my In-Character journal, so anything said on here will be by Victor, not me!))

...you're awaiting El Presidente? Hello.
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Future!Verse - Studying Youwatch_the_nails on February 8th, 2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, really.
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Future!Verse - World's Smallest Violinwatch_the_nails on February 8th, 2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
Babe, you wouldn't last five minutes with me an' y'know it.
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Future!Verse - Arrogantwatch_the_nails on February 9th, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)
Some girls just don't know what's good for 'em, huh.
(Deleted comment)
Victor Creed: Future!Verse - ORLY?watch_the_nails on February 10th, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, so y'wanna fuck him now, too? Beggars can't be choosers, lady.