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01 January 2010 @ 10:35 pm
'Wolverine: Origin, #1':

- Victor is introduced as 'Dog', the son of the alcoholic groundskeeper of the Howlett family. He lives alone with his father in a run-down shack at the bottom of the Howlett estate. His mother is absent, presumed dead.

- Rose describing a young Victor Logan (later, Victor Creed) in her diary: "There's one other child who comes by the house to work - the Logan boy. I'm sure I don't even know if he has a first name. Everyone calls him 'Dog'. He's a gaggle of scrapes and bruises, that one... his father, Mister Logan, drinks all hours of the day and curses at everyone he sees. I fancy he beats his son as often as look at him... at the end of the our day, James (Wolverine) and I return to that sparkling, wonderful house on the hill... but poor Dog must always go back down to his life down below."

- having saved James from drowning and being thanked by James' supposed father, Victor's father beats him and tells him, "Let that be a lesson to you, boy. If I told you once, I told you a thousand times... our kind an' their kind don't mix. Them people, they don't understand 'ow it is down below. They live in their big fancy houses, and we live in the dirt. You'll remember this one day, boy. You'll thank me for it." He then gives Victor a bottle of liquor to dull the pain.

- James is given a puppy for Christmas, and Victor is given a toy train as a Christmas present by James' supposed father; when he returns to his own home, Victor's father takes his belt, beats him, and smashes the toy into pieces.

'Wolverine: Origin, #2':

- Rose's diary, describing a slightly older Victor: "I always knew that Logan boy would be trouble. Over these last few years he's become just like that awful, heartless father of his. There's cruelty in his eyes now, make no mistake. When I catch him looking up at my window, it frightens me."

- he tries to force himself on Rose, saying "I figured ya'd make it out t'see me before long. I been waitin' fer ya, as if ya didn't know... don't be shy, Rose. It's time we got t'know each other, you an' me..." However, James finds Rose in time and manages to save her from Victor; Victor, though, is convinced that Rose is 'his', and that James is trying to take her away from him.

- In a resulting fight against James, Victor kills James' dog which had been a Christmas present a few years before: "You stole from me, little Master James. Even though you got everythin' in the world... well, now you don't anymore."

'X-Men: Origins - Sabretooth'

- Not his exact history as per Bump!verse, but the idea that Victor's father forcibly removed his teeth and claws, only for them to grow back, is a recurring theme in several versions of his comic backstory; in this comic, his father shackles him in the basement, removes his fangs with pliers and tells him "You've the Devil in you, boy. If I pull out enough, one day these Satan teeth ain't gonna come back."

- Logan says to Victor in a bar: "What in damnation's name's going through that dumb skull of yours? I've seen you do just about the craziest things. Seen you shoot guys in the back. Guys who weren't armed. Guys who'd surrendered. Seen you torture people who've already given up all they know 'just to be sure'. And it all slides off you..."

- Victor, to Logan, deliberately goading him into starting a fight: "Remember Silver Fox? Thought not. I do. She was real good, wasn't she?"

'Codename: Wolverine' (novel)

- "Sabretooth loved a massacre, the salty spray of arterial blood, the fear in the eyes of the prey."

- "He considered simply killing the guard and taking his weapon. But for Sabretooth, the days of bullets and blades had long since passed. A kill wasn't even worth counting if he didn't do it with his own hands or teeth."

- Victor taunts Logan by making lewd, suggestive comments about Silver Fox - Logan's woman - to her face, in front of Logan. "Let me know if things don't work out... I wouldn't mind a taste of that."

- having been sent on a mission to target a woman and retrieve a data disk which she has strapped to her body, Victor threatens her: "Katrina tied to pull her skirt back up, but Sabretooth grabbed her from behind. The skirt fell around her ankles as he slammed her against the filthy wall and pinned her there. With his other hand, the animal caressed her belly. His fingers ended in claws that were inhuman, like nothing she had ever seen..."

'Weapon X: First Class, #1':

- Professor Xavier asks Victor Creed to be a part of his school before he even asks Logan. He lets Victor know that he is aware of the abuse which the feral suffered in his childhood: "I'm sorry for what your father did to you, Victor. No child deserves to be treated like that. Chained up like an animal just because you were born different... what do you want, Mr. Creed? To continue to bury your pain by causing greater suffering for others... or to finally put it behind you and seek the redemption you know you deserve?" Victor's response: "Since when? Look at me! The world don't want me! All they see is a monster! So that's what I'm gonna give 'em!"

'Uncanny X-Men' #213:

- Victor attacks Psylocke in the X-Men mansion; Logan comes to her rescue. On Logan and Victor fighting, "Their hatred is a palpable presence in the room. They are the personification of violence, the darkest side of man's primeval nature brought to life... these two have so easily, so eagerly, abandoned their humanity. Their rage is matched by a terrible, transcendent joy... they so love what they do."

'Weapon X: First Class, #2':

- Victor kidnaps Kitty in order to taunt Logan; he teases him by showing him a lock of Kitty's hair. He also tries to force Logan to choose between one of two woman to save, Kitty or Mariko (the love of his life, apparently.)

'Wolverine: #50':

- Victor has his own room within the X-Men mansion, and enjoys kicking it back with a beer and some porn. In response to Logan telling him to 'get up': "Now why would I do that? I got a cold one here and the Spice channel on."

- Logan has a flashback to the time when he lived in the wilds of Canada with his partner, Silver Fox. He remembers Victor tracking him down and watching him couple with her: "I... I should've stopped him the second the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Even with him standing downwind, I knew he was there.. watching. Maybe... I knew and wanted him to know what I had. And what he didn't have. Arrogant enough to think he wouldn't act on it..."

- And during the same flashback, Logan recalls finding Silver Fox having been raped and murdered by Victor: "He killed her... but only after.. after he... forced himself on her. Wasn't any doubt that he did it. Wasn't hard to find him. His scent was everywhere..."

'Wolverine: #53':

(This one, not so much for Bump!verse backstory, but more of an example of his attitude towards women - Logan recalls the first time he knew of Victor - "It was the first time I met Victor Creed, before he was calling himself Sabretooth... they sent me on an errand. Some Gaijin had been killing prostitutes in the streets. I went hunting and found Creed. Cut off his hand, he healed it back on.")

'Wolverine: #55':

- Logan comments on Emma Frost, the telepath, going into Victor's mind: "She had to experience what I've known about Creed... how he enjoys the kills... the violence against women in particular... and the warm sickly smell of his victims' blood..." The shock is so much for her that she is physically sick from the mental contact.


- during the 'House of M' period, Victor Creed works as Magneto's pet assassin; he is kept chained up within Magneto's palace and sent out on assignments whenever Magneto needs somebody to wind up dead.