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16 April 2011 @ 11:36 am
A Pledge and a Challenge  
((AIM log in which Sarah pledges herself to Logan before Arawn, and a challenge is made; happens shortly before this.))

*Victor, Logan and Sarah talk within the UnSeelie Court*

Sarah: Boys... no crossing swords, okay?

Victor: *sneers*

Logan: *NOT AMUSED by that choice of words*

Victor: *also this*

Sarah: *confused by his expression* What's wrong?

Victor: Makin' it sound like we're a coupla fuckin' gays...

Logan: *will be glaring at Victor, but quite ignoring her, but close enough* The sword....

Sarah: Okay boys. Explain.

Victor: Crossin' swords! Makes me sound like I'm gonna be slappin' my dick out...

Logan: Think you're gonna stab me again, it sure as hell ain't gonna be with that.

Sarah: Now now, you do tend to get a little sloppy in the heat of the moment.

Logan: *eyebrow*

Sarah: Victor, not you.

Victor: *growls*

Logan: *stares at Sarah* You....

Sarah: *looks down* He's the prince. I have to.

Victor: *smirks* She does whatever the hell I WANT. She's pretty good at it, too.

Sarah: *shouldn't feel good at hearing that.... but she does*

Logan: *growls* You don't have to do shit.

Sarah: He has the right to kill me if I disobey!

Victor: Got that straight.

Logan: He could try.

Victor: *smirks* What, yer gonna SAVE her now? Cute.

Sarah: If he went to the king, he could take away my magic. Without that I'm nothing. *touches Logan's shoulder* Please, don't.

Logan: *actually shrugs her off; he's getting pissed off here* I owe you, Victor. An' I'm gonna pay you back with interest.

Victor Creed: *laughs* So, what, yer gonna spill blood, right now, right here? Arawn's gonna just LOVE ya for that.

Sarah: *bristles at being shrugged off, and a blast of cold wind roars through the room* Stop it, both of you.

Logan: *just growls; he knows it's a bad idea, but it would feel so damn good*

Victor: *has a smug, knows that there'd be a ton of shit if they ever fought here*

Sarah: *pouts* This was supposed to be fun. I was supposed to get both of you!

Victor: ...what?

Sarah: Menage a trois, my Prince.

Victor: *raises an eyebrow*

Logan: *half confused, half disgusted* What?!

Sarah: Did you not understand what I meant when I said I was feeling into brothers?

Victor: *grins, now.... actually grins* Well, ain't THAT a nice lil' surprise.

Logan: Like hell it is! *turns to her again* You think you can have both of us, forget it.

Victor: Now, now, Jimmy. Don't be such a PRUDE.

Logan: FUCK you! She's mine.

Victor: YOURS? Oh, PLEASE. *laughs, actually laughs*

Sarah: Logan.... *whispers* Keeping him happy keeps me alive. I have to be with him... but I want to be with you.

Victor: I can HEAR ya, darlin'.

Sarah: *fuck!* And you can feel me. Can you read my mind too? *is mentally picturing a middle finger*

Victor: *snort* Not quite

Sarah: *it is not lost on her that they both call her darlin'*

Logan: If you gotta be with him, be with him. *but he's not gonna share her; he'd rather give her up. That's what he's thinking now, anyway....*

Sarah: *shakes her head, rather crushed* No. Let me talk to the King, maybe... I don't know. I'll explain it to him.

Victor: TALK to ARAWN? *laughs even more*

Sarah: There are plenty of women around to keep you satisfied! Why do you have to have me?

Victor: Because I CAN.

Logan: Only if your boyfriend says you can.

Victor: *snarls, but probably smells of Arawn*

Sarah: *growls slightly* Do you honestly think you could lay a FINGER on me if I didn't want you to?

Victor: *sneers* I could make you do anything I damn well wanted.

Sarah: *pushes at him with a blast of air* Oh really?

Victor: *growls, but stays where he is*

Sarah: *gives Logan a glance, then pushes at Victor harder with her mind, forcing a near gale-force wind into him, intending to knock him at least into the wall, if not through it*

Victor: *hey, it's harder to push around someone made of Adamantium than you think!* Hey! Whaddaya pissed at ME for? It's yer BOYFRIEND who don't wanna put out!

Logan: Don't call me that, you son of a bitch! *why the anger?! well... because, apparently*

Victor: *growls* You WANT her or y'DON'T!

Sarah: He actually cares enough to not want to share me! That's more than I can say for you! *you man-whore! and now Seth flies in and starts circling Victor's head, looking for a chance to poop on him*

Victor: *Fenris attempts to nom*

Logan: I ain't havin' your sloppy seconds. *doesn't mean to offend her, but... yeah*

Victor Creed: YOU'RE the one who wanted to SHARE, y'dumb broad!

Sarah: I told you, I'll get it worked out. I promise.


Sarah: That was before!



Logan: What the hell're you -...? *confused*



Victor: AN' YOU AIN'T?

Sarah: *and that gets answer with Seth shitting on his shoulder*

Victor: *snarls*

Sarah: Ooh, I'm so scared.

Victor : *and Fenris will be materialising in front of Sarah now; he's taller and wider than Victor*

Arawn: That is more than enough, children. *can you see the irritation on his face or hear it in his voice?*

Victor: *hoshi----*

Logan: *glares at*

Sarah: *curtsies and tugs on logan's shirt to do the same*

Victor: *backs down and bows his head, visibly humbled* She was----- *points at Sarah*

Arawn: Don't, Victor. I heard all three of you. Do you have any idea how much your voices carry?

Logan: *half-glares at Sarah, then bows his head, just barely*

Sarah: *glares at Victor* Your highness, a private word with you, please? (she means Arawn)

Arawn: Are you going to complain that your prince will not share you? *pointed look at Victor and Logan both*

Victor: Hey, I was gonna share---

Sarah: Actually, no, your highness. It is I who would like to request that I not be shared any longer. If it pleases you, I would like to be Logan's alone.

Logan: *looks at her with surprise; that she'd said it before might have been a ploy, but this... this meant it was serious*

Victor: *thinks this is a load of emotional romantic bullshit*

Sarah: *of course she's serious! She wants him to stay, she needs him to stay, and if being his alone will accomplish that, she will accede*

Arawn: *raises a brow, tapping the cane to silence Victor* Have the two of you discussed this decision other than the shouting that I walked in on?

Sarah: *because him staying means she has accomplished the task Arawn sent her to do, and keeping him happy is ALWAYS goal number 1* Only in passing, your highness. It was my hope to speak with you in private, then inform Victor and Logan separately of your decision.

Logan: *looks between her and Arawn; still confused, sorry*

Victor: I don't gotta ASK for females!

Sarah: *She is more than just a female!! She calls Seth to her. He lands on her shoulder and nuzzles his beak in her hair.*

Logan: *glares* You better ask.

Arawn: I encourage you to discuss this situation with Logan. Make certain that you are going to stay with your choice, because I doubt our Prince will allow for your life to continue should you indulge in betrayal. *Hey, he's thorough; he's going to make sure that Logan is certain of this choice. Not because he cares for the happiness, not really, but because without that certainty, oaths will not be made; he's hyperaware of that fact at all times* Victor, if you fight for a woman and lose, you are expected to respect the superiority of the one who bested you.

Logan: *a fight? oh, this is beginning to sound really good*

Victor: What, I gotta fight HIM just so I get t'fuck HER? *incredulous*

Arawn: If she pledges herself to him, yes.


Arawn: Mind your tongue, Victor.

Victor: *glares*

Sarah: *This is not what she wanted! Damn then for twisting her intentions into something violent!* I do pledge myself to him, my king. If he will have me.

Arawn: *glances at Logan, awaiting a response*

Logan: ...yeah. I will.

Arawn: *claps hands together* Wonderful. Now be done with this, all of you.

Victor: *clawed hand on the hilt of his sword* You want us to fight.... NOW?

Arawn: Not in here, Victor. What have I told you about spilling blood in here?

Logan: *that sword again... the hair on the back of his neck stands up, but he still wants this, wants this bad; he'll set Victor straight*

Sarah: Surely your highness intends for this to be a fair fight? No weapons?

Victor: Darlin', we ARE weapons

Sarah: *she's already terrified, but her hand has slipped it's way into Logan's despite the fact that it's shaking*

Victor: Jesus fuckin' Christ... *rolls his eyes* I feel like I'm in a frickin' Silhouette here

Arawn: Sarah, you have chosen your side. Logan has won your affections. Were I you, I would exercise extreme caution with my words.

Sarah: *bows her head, shamed* My apologies, your highness.

Arawn: Victor, Logan, part ways. If you wish to fight for her, you may do so in three days' time. For now, part.

Logan: *and he squeezes her hand, suddenly more sure of her feelings for him than he's ever been*

Victor: Hnh. Startin' to wonder if it's even worth it. I thought she was BETTER'N that.

Logan: She's better'n you deserve. *order to part ways? who cares?*

Arawn: Be still, my Prince. Calm yourself and hold your tongue. Logan, take Sarah elsewhere. You have won her for now; take that and see yourselves out.

Logan: *puts his arms around Sarah, keeping himself between her and Victor as a human (mutant?) shield as they walk off*

Victor: *bristles, but obeys Arawn, as he is Oath-sworn to do* This ain't the LAST of this, Jimmy.

Arawn: Enough!

Logan: *pops his middle claw, not even bothering to look back*

Victor: *keeps his mouth shut, and backs down*

Arawn: Come, Victor. There is much to be done.