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25 April 2005 @ 07:34 am
Pussy Cat 'Verse  
Main Characters:

watch_the_nails - Victor Creed
pdxrain - Jessica Davies-Creed
45825243_t78_a - James Logan


Jessica Davies, a siren-like mutant, owns a bar, 'Jessie's Place', in Pacific City, Oregon. Victor first met her one night while she was serving drinks there and followed her outside into the alley after her shift, where he forced himself upon her. This was to be the first of several visits, and in a twisted case of Stockholm Syndrome Jessie realised that she was starting to fall for him. Victor eventually began to stay at her house and never really left, although he still slept around and found his pleasure with other women when and wherever he felt like it.

After a while Jessie realised that she was pregnant by Victor. His first reaction was anger, and he blamed her entirely for it, despite the fact that it wasn't her fault; after discovering that she was carrying his child Victor continued to sleep around, although after a while - mainly because she never tried to make him stay - the feral decided to remain with Jessie and be a father to the child, especially after a scan showed that the baby would be a mutant.

It turned out that the 'baby' was actually twins. Before they could be born, however, Colonel William Stryker found out that Victor was going to become a father, and he wanted the children for himself. He arranged for the kidnap of Jessie, and the babies were born whilst Jessie was being held captive in the military facility on Three Mile Island. Victor and Logan - with the help of Jack Hendley, an old family friend of Jessie and a rival of Victor's - freed Jessie, rescuing both her and the babies and returning safely to Oregon, with William Stryker missing, presumed dead. After settling back down with Jessie, Victor proposed to her and she has already started to use the name Jessica Davies-Creed although they are not yet formally married.

Victor now lives just outside Pacific City along with Jessie and the twins. However, he has recently returned from a period of absence, having needed some time on his own; this is currently a time for re-adjustment for both himself and Jessie.