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25 April 2005 @ 08:02 am
Black Cat 'Verse  
Main Characters:


watch_the_nails - Victor Creed
jurisimmortalis - Nat Bruenner


One night Nat Bruenner - an Immortal from the 'Highlander' fandom - was working out in her loft when she caught the attention of Victor, who'd been exploring the rooftops near her home. He made his way inside and mated with her, a coupling which was to prove mutually beneficial; he returned a few times after that, and never left.

Despite the depths of his feelings for her, Victor has always found it hard to actual declare them in words. The first time that he saw Nat during a Quickening, he believed that she had died and this prompted an unexpected outpouring of his feelings. After this, Nat had a set of dogtags made for herself which declare her as 'Property of Victor Creed' and a bracelet made for him in return. He later proposed to her, although the relationship has been marred by the fact that she cannot have children, a source of constant pain to the both of them.

Victor currently lives with Nat in her loft apartment, and contrary to popular belief doesn't just keep on going back for the beer and jerky.