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25 April 2005 @ 08:40 am
Team X 'Verse  
Main Characters:


watch_the_nails - Victor Creed
icecoldwit - Emma Frost
movetheearth - Rictor
mongrelverine - Daken


After agreeing to join Major William Stryker's military team of mutants, Victor and Logan became members of Team X, something which suited Victor perfectly but which Logan always had trouble with.

One of the other team members, Rictor, quickly became a thorn in Victor's side by constantly bothering him and making no secret of his attraction to the feral; in time, though, Victor grew to grudgingly admire the younger man's stubborn determination, and now Rictor is the only person whom Victor would actually consider a friend.

One of the other major turning points for Victor was the arrival of a certain young lady by the name of Emma Frost. No sooner had she arrived than he was smitten, fighting off other males to win her attention, and after a while the two of them became lovers. It was to be a stormy and tempestuous relationship, with Emma only really able to keep the upper hand due to her abilities as a telepath.

After the team moved from Nigeria to Russia, Emma discovered that she was pregnant by Victor, but subsequently lost the child; for him the pain is still raw, least of all because he managed to get himself thrown into the brig when she miscarried, although he would never admit this. This was due to him foolishly falling for Logan's woman at that time, a dark telepath called Jean Gray, after which he was framed for assault and rape. By the time Victor had been freed from his incarceration Emma had left the team, leaving Victor in one hell of a mood and without a mate.

Another arrival which caused Victor some interest was that of Daken, a seemingly young Japanese feral. It turned out that Daken was the son Logan had never known he had, which caused tension between the brothers as Victor felt Logan had let him down by not telling him about Daken - despite the fact that Logan hadn't even known himself. Things had already been further complicated by the return of Emma Frost as a commanding officer, which were making Victor's life a living hormonal hell. Soon after this Logan left and Victor followed him, unable to 'allow' his younger brother to cope on his own.

Team X are currently based in the United States, where Victor is about to make his return...