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25 April 2005 @ 09:13 am
Bump In The Night 'Verse  
Main Characters:


watch_the_nails - Victor Creed
45825243_t78_a - James Logan
king_arawn - Arawn, King of the UnSeelie Fae
coed_claire - Claire Bennet
familiarkuko - Sarah Good
snarkyblonde - Elle Bishop

Victor first came to the BPRD headquarters in search of Logan. He'd been tracking his brother for years after his escape from a Team X facility, and finally managed to find his scent around the BPRD... but things are never as easy as you think they're going to be, are they? In this 'verse he has had the same Adamantium procedure as Logan, which means his skeleton and claws are coated with Adamantium. This also bumps his weight up to 350lb.

Victor managed to steal the Muramasa blade - a samurai sword forged from a piece of Logan's own soul, the wounds from which cannot be healed with a mutant healing factor - from the Troll Market, and faced his brother down whilst armed with it. It turned out that Logan didn't remember Victor, having had his memories wiped and manipulated so many times that he wasn't even sure which memories were real any more. In a fit of hurt and rage, Victor stabbed Logan through the chest with the blade before fleeing.

During this time, Victor was approached by King Arawn and offered a position within the UnSeelie Court. Unbeknownst to the feral, Arawn has been watching him his whole life and deemed him worthy of the title of UnSeelie Prince. At first Victor was reluctant, seeing Arawn as an effeminate fop undeserving of his time - but after a particularly graphic and pleasing dream, Victor decided to accept Arawn's offer and took up residence within the UnSeelie Court - aiding Arawn in breaking Claire Bennet's healing ability, which included forcing himself upon her more than once - before taking the Oath to become Prince of the UnSeelie Fae.

The position comes with both advantages and disadvantages; Victor is now the commander of the UnSeelie Army and the captain of the King's personal guards, the Cwn Annwn, as well as having the honourary title of the Hound of Arawn - but he is now half-Fae, and as such has the weaknesses which afflict all Fae, including vulnerability to iron, fire and lemon juice. He is also unable to tell an outright lie, although he is still permitted to mislead and deceive wherever possible. He also has a spirit guide, a hell-hound named Fenris.

Having become the Prince, the power went straight to Victor's head. He has repeatedly bedded Elle, the UnSeelie Princess, as well as Sarah Good, the UnSeelie Knight of Air, along with countless female servants and whoever else has taken his fancy. His desire for Sarah is mainly due to the fact that she is clearly attracted to Logan, and Victor is determined to take and destroy anything which Logan holds dear.

One of the other reasons Victor has felt the need to take so many female lovers is due to his growing attraction towards Arawn himself; Victor has always been homophobic, and he views his need for the King's affections as shameful and disgusting. Recently, however, Victor finally submitted to Arawn physically as well as verbally, and the two are now sleeping together on a semi-regular basis, although Victor would not readily admit this to anyone.

At present, Victor is working on a scheme to make Sarah appear as more of a victim than she already is in order to manipulate Logan into taking the Oath to become the UnSeelie Knight of Earth.