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29 August 2011 @ 10:09 pm
Ficlet - Bathing in the Afterglow~  
Characters: Victor Creed (watch_the_nails), Mads Anderson (notanalpha)
Setting: Night of the Hunter 'Verse
Rating: PG (for implied sexiness)
Word Count: 471
Notes: Victor and Mads indulge in some pillow talk; Mads pokes Victor for emotional reassurance.

Victor lies back on the large bed which he shares with Mads, the smaller man’s head resting against his bare chest; the two of them are naked, the air heavy with the scent of their most recent coupling, and the feral’s eyes are closed, the mutant bathing in the warmth of such a delicious afterglow. A series of low, growling purrs come from his throat, the sounds indicating his contentment, his enjoyment at having just spent his passion with the youth beside him.

“Victor.” One of the his eyes opens just a crack, Mads’ voice jolting him from the the pleasant warmth. “Victor?”

“What?” He sounds irritated, which he is. Much as he adores the shifter’s youthful enthusiasm, sometimes, it annoys the fuck out of him.

“Um.” The feral’s angry tone causes Mads to chew on his lip for a moment, uncertain – but he’s never put off for long. “I was thinking.”

“Don’t do it too hard. You’ll hurt yourself.” The larger man closes his eyes again and makes a display of trying to get some goddamn sleep, although he makes no move to dislodge his partner from his chest.

“No, Victor.” There’s a note of hurt in the smaller man’s voice. “I was thinking about us.”

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” Victor’s eyes open again, mainly so that he can roll them in despair. “I thought one o’ the perks of datin’ a guy was so they didn’t have t’start talkin’ about all this emotional bullshit? That’s what women do.”

“So we are dating now, then?” Mads perks up, the hint of a smile tugging at his lips; it’s the first time the feral has ever really said as much. “I mean, we’ve slept together, and we’ve even been out for dinner…”

“Okay, fine. Yeah, we’re datin’. Yer my mate, okay?" The mutant begrudges having to say the words - having to actually admit their partnership - but right now, he just wants to get some rest. "Now shut up an’ lemme get some sleep.”

“Really? You really mean that?” The excitement in Mads’voice is evident – that, and the fact that he’s now pawing at Victor’s chest like a large cat. “We’re dating?”

“Mads…” The cogs are slowly turning within the feral’s head. “Didja wake me up just to try an’ make me say we’re… official?”

“Maybe.” The shifter grins, but he no longer cares if Victor will be annoyed with him for that. He’s got the answer – and the reassurance –that he needs, and now he can relax, head tucked beneath the feral’s chin, and allow his own afterglow to slowly suffuse him with warmth and a glowing sense of happiness.

“Goddamn kitten,” Victor mutters, but the way his arm slides protectively around his partner shows that the anger is only feigned. That, and the smile written all over his face.