Victor Creed (watch_the_nails) wrote,
Victor Creed

Weekly Round-Up, #1

Starting from today, I'm going to try and do a weekly-ish round-up of Victor's various threads from his different 'verses, mainly because it's a lot easier for me to keep a track of plots and things this way. Comments are enabled and welcomed, in case anyone has way too much free time. And so, without further ado, here's the first bumper edition! Other ones will be smaller than this, I promise. Recently, Victor:

Bump In The Night 'Verse

- put on a violent display of his Kingly authority [fic]
- has begun to dabble in some very dark magic indeed [fic]
- gloated to Amy about the injuries he'd inflicted on Nathan, and got an iron knife in the shoulder for his trouble
- found solace with Arawn on the true King's sick-bed, and discussed erecting a memorial to Nantosuelta, as well as to the supposedly-dead King
- argued with Alex, the Spirit Guide
- gloated at Claire, and discovered that she is pregnant
- got warned by Logan that his brother would be leaving Fae
- bitched at Belenus, and blamed HIM for everything that happened to Arawn
- found out from Erik that humans are no longer dying (Miracle Day)
- is fighting Hellboy. AGAIN.
- paid Heidi a visit in the Mortal Realm
was NOT pleased to discover that Jack is the Gatekeeper between the Fae and Mortal Realms
- got upset when Logan told him he was actually leaving the UnSeelie Court to live in the Mortal Realm with Sarah
- tried to please Elle in bed, since he's been neglecting her lately [smuttysws]
- tried to make Kitty doubt for bby!Sammy's safety, and took pleasure in giving her details of the Final Battle
- explained to bby!Monty where babies comes from
- picked a fight with River Song [smuttysws]
- offered Heidi the position of UnSeelie Princess

Night of the Hunter 'Verse

- gave Mads some post-coital reassurance of their relationship [fic]
- went out for dinner with Mads, and had a disagreement...
- ...then went home with him and made up on the couch [smuttysws]
- warned Morgan off Mads
- cleaned the wounds left by an unwanted visit from one of Mads' Pride [smuttysws]
- revealed to Crystal that he and Mads are lovers
- was less than impressed by Mads getting a kitten
- found Mads less than stable after a visit from Mads' brother, Jake [locked]

Other Stuff

- wanted you all to just STFU
- insisted that HE ISN'T GAY. REALLY. [smuttysws]
- is looking forward to wishing Daken a Happy Birthday, hooray!
- had a short exchange with Mystique
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