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30 September 2011 @ 08:18 pm
Weekly Round-Up, #2  
Since the idea's been well-received, here's another round of updates as to what's been going on in Victor's various 'verses. Whooooo.

Bump In The Night 'Verse

- mocked Amy yet again
- told Arawn that he has chosen Heidi to be the UnSeelie Princess, and that Claire is pregnant

Night of the Hunter 'Verse

- after Jake's attack, Mads gave Victor a proper 'welcome' home [locked]
- talked to Mads about his brother, Jake
- told Mads he has a good singing voice
- went shopping with Mads for groceries
- while Victor was away, Logan paid Mads a not so friendly visit
Mads gave Victor a key to his house
- taught Mads some French
was not happy to see Morgan turn up on the doorstep
- returned from a hunting trip and made Mads eat a sandwich
- watched a video of an axolotl
- snuggled with Mads and discussed Crystal's apparent jealousy
- confronted Morgan and told him to GTFO
- molested Mads while he tried to watch some TV
- in revenge for him almost killing Angel, Daken fought Victor and set him on fire...
- ...then went to Mads' house to 'speak' to the shifter, and discovered that Mads and Victor are lovers

Pussy Cat 'Verse

- confused Jessie by watching a video of an axolotl
- introduced James and Ariel to good music

Other Stuff

- spoke some French
- was amused by an axolotl
- had a musical interlude
- offered his own unique take on contraception
- tried to explain porn
- offered some surprisingly sage advice to Rabastan Lestrange...
- ...the continued to mock him