"Blessed by a bitch from a bastard seed...

...pleasure to meet you, but better to bleed."

Victor Creed
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"Looks like you finally found your place in life, Creed. The devil's errand boy. It fits you to a T."

- James Logan, 'Wolverine Goes To Hell #3'

"I'm sorry for what your father did to you, Victor. No child deserves to be treated like that. Chained up like an animal, just because you were born different. What do you want, Mr. Creed? To continue to bury your pain by causing greater suffering for others... or to finally put it behind you and seek the redemption you know you deserve?"

- Charles Xavier, 'Weapon X: First Class #1'

This is what Victor Creed looks and sounds like. Rawr.


Victor Creed Notes
Name: Victor Creed

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 275lb (350lb with Adamantium skeleton)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

DOB: October 23, 1830

Place of Birth: Canada

Mutations: Fangs, retractable claws, heightened senses, accelerated healing factor

Victor Creed was born in 1830 in what was to become Canada's Northern Territories, the son of Thomas Logan - an overbearing, alcoholic father - and a mother who took little interest in her child and died when he was still very young. Thomas Logan was the groundskeeper for the Howlett family, and Victor spent much of his childhood playing with James Howlett and his friend Rose, more than glad to escape his father's rampant alcoholism and violent temper.

In 1845, Thomas Logan - in another fit of drunken rage - stormed up to the Howlett house and shot James' supposed father dead in front of Rose, also revealing that he was James' true father, having raped his mother several years before. In shocked anger, James killed Thomas Logan, revealing his mutant abilities; bone claws. Victor, possessing his own mutation in the form of razor-sharp nails, took James under his wing and they fled their homes, surviving for years in the wilds of Canada, scavenging and providing for themselves as best they could. It was during this time that Victor adapted the surname to Creed, wanting to distance himself from his family as much as possible, and James took the surname of Logan, partly out of guilt for killing their father. A few years later, Victor found his first love, Sarah, a woman whom he later discovered to be a prostitute; feeling betrayed, he raped and killed her in a violent fit of rage - unknowingly echoing the drunken actions of his father - and has had trouble trusting women ever since.

Finding that they had a certain skill in combat, the two half-brothers fought side-by-side in countless conflicts through the years including the American Civil War (on the side of the Union), World War I, World War II (with the 29th Infantry Division) and the conflict in Vietnam (with the 5th Special Forces). It was there that Victor tried to rape an innocent civilian, causing his American allies to attack him in order to stop him, and leading to a supposed death by firing squad for himself and James Logan. Possessing superior healing abilities, the two brothers survived, and it was at this point that Major William Stryker approached them and asked them to become a part of 'Team X', a crack military squad consisting entirely of mutants. They accepted, Creed more willingly than Logan... and as for happened after this, well, that all depends on which 'verse you go to~

Bump In The Night 'Verse
Black Cat 'Verse
Pussy Cat 'Verse
Team X 'Verse


Victor Creed is a selfish, sarcastic and sadistic mutant who gains pleasure out of taunting others, and trying to control those he sees as weak with power and fear. He has no respect for women, his experiences having been clouded by his apathetic mother and his disastrous early relationships; he is a murderer and a rapist, and takes a sick pride in this, often trying to intimidate the females he meets and being amused when they find him threatening. He's a sexist, bullying misogynist who thinks women are there to be used and cast aside like toys or tools, and are to be thrown away when they get broken. Violence invigorates and excites him, often driving him to commit further atrocities in order to sate his twisted appetite. The only person in the world he feels a true bond with is Logan, although he'd never admit just how much his half-brother means to him.


((OOC: This is a roleplay journal. My real-life journal is jackdante. Victor Creed is a Marvel character and is in no way affiliated with any of the things that go on in here. Yes, I have read many 'X-Men' comics with Sabretooth, but this is my interpretation of the movie-verse version of Victor Creed, including certain things which weren't mentioned in the film but which I've made up myself. He's very different from the comic-verse Creed, and a lot darker than they could let him be in a 12A film. The player does not endorse any of the evil and/or criminal acts committed by the character, and as a player I will NEVER initiate any potentially triggering scenes without checking with you OOC as a player first. Awesome layout made by the equally-awesome jurisimmortalis.))

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